Master of your breath, manifest your life.

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What is HeartCore?

An ancient practice,
with a breath of new life.

Chris Harris has been studying an ancient Indonesian martial art for the past 8 years. He has distilled elements of breathwork from this practice to help people come into deeper connection with their energy, improve health, and create greater focus in life. 

This breathwork practice improves focus, clarity and intuition. Executives use it to make decisions. It aids in physical health and longevity. In Indonesia, the special forces are trained in this breathwork to heighten their senses and result in superhuman performance.

About Chris Harris

Chris has 8 years of experience in breathwork and 25 years of experience in yoga.
Chris has recently returned from Indonesia where he spent 2 months learning directly from breathwork masters. Chris is working to make these practices available and accessible to a Western audience.
Chris is also an entrepreneur and environmentalist working on projects to bring solar powered vehicles and renewable energy solutions to market.

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Chris offers video tutorials, group classes, or private coaching.